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I'd be more inclined to remove Kerf than MMeta from S.
frankly idt either of them deserve S, IMO the top 3 mons in the meta rn are pretty clearly some variation of Torn > kerf > exca/serp/mmeta

"MMeta requires TPunch in this metagame, and Bullet Punch has felt too useful to turn down."
tpunch isn't /required/, while id argue its its best move that isn't a stab you can def run some bullshit like zenbutt bp hammerarm pursuit, and then have something like toxic lando for bro / jelli. BP is also straight up droppable if you're not running Ada (which is by far my fav mmeta) IMO, its good for revenging the plethora of faster stuff in the tier (weav, mlop, zam, etc) but otherwise I feel its sorta inferior to BP.

while we're talking abt vr changes I feel like serp and mzam could be A+, necturna and volcarona and volcanion in A, mpins mdia and cofa in A-, and dropping keld to B+ I don't feel like clarifying but if spoo writes a sassy responds to these claims I might feel inclined to further elaborate


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will keep this brief but i agree that both mmeta and kerf aren’t S anymore- i voted mmeta to A+ the last vr slate and i still stand by that, i think it faces more competition than ever in the mega slot and the mon simply can’t do it all the way it used to. kerf on the other hand took a hit after losing focus blast and i agree w garrett that the meta has adapted to it pretty cleanly since. IMO the top 3 are pretty clearly torn > drill > clef (maybe drill and torn are on the same tier, could argue either way), these 3 are just so indispensable to the vast majority of bo/balance in this meta and literally always pull their weight, feels v hard to build solid stuff without one of them. think some of pannus noms are generous, specifically mzam and nect- yea these are great mons but i don’t see zam having the sheer consistency or splashability that lop/meta offer, and nect is a HO staple but again not super consistent against a lot of defensive staples + common rkillers (yes it can tech for stuff in 4th move and whether it’s geo or SS but still struggles to hit everything at once)
After playing CAPPL and talking with pannu about some CAP Mons I didn't had enough experience here is my take on the metagame:

:clefable: Clefable

:excadrill: Excadrill
:Serperior: Serperior
:Tornadus-Therian: Tornadus-Therian
:Colossoil: Colossoil

:Lopunny-Mega: Lopunny-Mega
:Rotom-Wash: Rotom-Wash
:Weavile: Weavile
:Manaphy: Manaphy
:Ferrothorn: Ferrothorn
:Gliscor: Gliscor
:Metagross-Mega: Metagross-Mega
:Crucibelle: Crucibelle
:Magnezone: Magnezone
:Altaria-Mega: Altaria-Mega

:Diancie-Mega: Diancie-Mega
:Skarmory: Skarmory
:Volcarona: Volcarona
:Alakazam-Mega: Alakazam-Mega
:Heatran: Heatran
:Bisharp: Bisharp
:Garchomp: Garchomp
:Kerfluffle: Kerfluffle
:Medicham-Mega: Medicham-Mega
:Tomohawk: Tomohawk
:Gastrodon: Gastrodon
:Scizor-Mega: Scizor-Mega
:Keldeo: Keldeo

:Tyranitar-Mega: Tyranitar-Mega
:Chansey: Chansey
:Slowbro: Slowbro
:Latias: Latias
:Necturna: Necturna
:Volcanion: Volcanion
:Krilowatt: Krilowatt
:Thundurus-Therian: Thundurus-Therian
:Slowbro-Mega: Slowbro-Mega
:Landorus-Therian: Landorus-Therian
:Amoonguss: Amoonguss
:Latias-Mega: Latias-Meg
:Talonflame: Talonflame

:Tyranitar: Tyranitar
:Pinsir-Mega: Pinsir-Mega
:Charizard-Mega-X: Charizard-Mega-X
:Thundurus: Thundurus
:Azumarill: Azumarill
:Tangrowth: Tangrowth
:Dragonite: Dragonite
:Zapdos: Zapdos
:Crucibelle-Mega: Crucibelle-Mega
:Syclant: Syclant
:Kyurem: Kyurem
:Quagsire: Quagsire
:Cloyster: Cloyster
:Crawdaunt: Crawdaunt
:Seismitoad: Seismitoad

:Ditto: Ditto
:Jellicent: Jellicent
:Kitsunoh: Kitsunoh
:Volkraken: Volkraken:
:Alomomola: Alomomola
:Latios: Latios
:Hydreigon: Hydreigon
:Shuckle: Shuckle
:Reuniclus: Reuniclus
:Venusaur-Mega: Venusaur-Mega
:Victini: Victini
:Suicune: Suicune
:Kyurem-Black: Kyurem-Black
:Mollux: Mollux
:Cofagrigus: Cofagrigus
:Terrakion: Terrakion
:Hippowdon: Hippowdon
:Gyarados-Mega: Gyarados-Mega
:gardevoir-Mega: Gardevoir-Mega
:Cresselia: Cresselia
:Stratagem: Stratagem
:Gallade-Mega: Gallade-Mega

:Cyclohm: Cyclohm
:Charizard-Mega-Y: Charizard-Mega-Y
:Manectric-Mega: Manectric-Mega
:Blissey: Blissey
:Breloom: Breelom
:Slowking: Slowking
:Starmie: Starmie
:Jirachi: Jirachu
:Mew: Mew
:Heracross-Mega: Heracross-Mega
:Hoopa: Hoopa
:Gengar: Gengar
:Rotom-Mow: Rotom-Mow
:Togekiss: Togekiss
:Magneton: Magneton

Rest is C or below

Most warping:


In my opinion the undesputed best Pokemon from all the legal CAP Mons in this Metagame. It is literally a custom Pokemon, it has everything what a Pursuit Trapper always wanted. Great Attack statof 122 witha solid Speed of 95 for a Suiter. Thanks to that, it isn't reliant on Choice Item to further boost one of those Stats. Instead it most commonly opts to run Assault Vest it gets absurd bulky and easily tanks Hits like Focus Blast and will only get 3HKO by weaker effective special attacks at best. I should mention that with Guts you can't even get around with Will-O-Wisp and Toxing it to put on a Timer always comes with a great risk for doubling it already dangerous damage Output. So, it denies nearly alone all fraile and Status Reliant weak to Dark-Type Attacks Pokemon in the Metagame. On top of that it can also be used as solid Rapid Spiner since it can Knock of Rocky Helmet User which Excadrill only wishes in their dreams. Other Options like Sucker Punch or more niche like Aqua Tail, Crunch or a Leftovers/Dark Glasses or Greed Flame Orb can be runned but the most warping Set is the AV one which makes every Pursuit and Status Reliant Pokemona much more difficult time to use.
All Special Attacker and Dark-Type Weak Pokemon might fear getting trapped or chipped for greatly damaged. It also serves as a Removal Option which ORAS lacks heavily.

To clarify, I am only gonna talk about the non-Mega Variation of this Pokemon since I think it is much more superior. I think the Mega struggles not being able to keep rocks up ever vs drill and offensive Sets being outclassed by Mega Diancie. While I do believe Coil with Double Stabs and Wood Hammer has it place in the Meta since it can solo Teams on it is own. Back to Crucibelle especially the Choice Scarf Sets shifts the whole Metagame of ORAS with being to outspeed everything witha Base Speed of 104. With acess to U-Turn it fullfills a great role of a Pivot. It also is a Poison Type which is incredible since ORAS did not have many viable ones and flexibles to begin with.Other two huge aspects of it is the abbility to threaten Clefable and walling non Twave Sets and depending on Matchup non Knock Off for Years thanks to Regenerator recovering all the Chip. Also being able to live HP Ground once from Volcarona and basically always forcing it to run Ground as the Choice of the Hidden Power make other Counter more reliable. If you would not like to hit on the Switch instantly, you are getting outspeed in return thanks to Choice Scarf and threatened by Stab Rocks Type Attacks. Not only Volcarona but also slow Setuper must fearpotential Trick and beinf crippled that way. A set with Black Sludge can be runned instead to threaten Trick on Excadrill or other Steels to make a Stealth Rock Set more viable.
Crucibelle matches well into Tspikes and more Offensive Teams nicely whiel providing overall a good pivot

Other Cap who need to be prepped for (A- or higher):

With the loss of Focus Blast it lacks sheer power it needed to hit. The Specs Set suffers from Protect Spam and the Life Orb Set end up missing crucial damage. Unlike Keldeo who is very similair with great Typing and Damage Powerhpouses to Kerf it offers 0 Utility with their Attacks unlike Keldeo's Scald. It shines best loading into Fairy Resist Clefabale + Excadrill which some ORAS OU Teams have. The insane speed tier of 119 makes lot of the 100-110 Mons lot weaker and Fodder for Kerf


Flying Type with non Rocks Weakness, beating both good Spinner and making Drill live harder with Helmet. Prankster and Intimidate are both good options depending what u want it to do and has Spin. Best Lop pivot thanks to Intim + Helmet and Taunt helps vs slower Mons. Best Sleep Pick defensively. Prankster + Haze invalidates a lot of Setup Sweeper entirely, which gives it a defining role + the Helmet Intim Set

Heart Swap underated utility with the great Bulk. Hazard + Burn/Tox immune is very cool with Magic Guard and good Typing. Dies to Knock Off unfortunate but has insane Bulk with high 151 hp base

Nice dogfish matchup fish Pokemon with Geomancy and Shell Smash. EIther 6-0 matchup or u play with 5 Mons. Needs correct moves and correct Set to win or might end up getting walled / Statused / Prio Attack.

I tried to explain some of Placements with the Influence of the best Cap Mons but more explanation might be needed. If anyone wanna engage in the Old Gen Cap Discord or this threat, I would appreciate it. Other reason for some differences from original VR might be my bias ORAS Opinion from OU. But anyhow, lets attempt to revive this

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